50 Awesome Late Night Restaurants In NYC

Eater critic Ryan Sutton shares his top picks for after-hours dining in New York City

One of the ignominies of life in New York, the city that falsely claims it never sleeps, is that while good restaurants are almost ubiquitously open at the ungodly hour of 5:30 p.m., not too long after lunch is digested, the bulk are closed before 11 p.m. on a weeknight, just in time to miss office workers pulling late shifts or cooks pulling normal shifts. Many of those hard working folks will instead order Seamless, because going out late on a Monday requires a bit more effort, a hint more tactical knowledge. And yet it shouldn’t, because if more sit-down restaurants catered to the night-owl crowds as diligently as they did to the pre-theater hordes, we’d have more venues like The Breslin and Momofuku Ssam Bar — lively haunts that provide a sense of community (and ambitious cuisine) in the after-hours. Doesn’t that sound more convivial than eating pad Thai alone in your apartment?

All but one or two of these restaurants will accommodate 11 p.m. orders on a weeknight; many keep their kitchens open till much later. Keep in mind that any venue can close early on a slow night; calling ahead is always a smart move. This critic has dined at all of these restaurants and can confirm that they’re awesome.

Added 4/20: Ardesia, Augustine, Bar Jamon, Beatrice Inn, Boka, Boulud, Sud Casa Enrique, Chinese Tuxedo, Crif Dogs, Dead Rabbit, Dirty French, J.G. Melon, Milk Bar, Miss Lily’s 7A, Pies ‘n’ Thighs, Red Farm, Salvation Taco, Tao, Via Carota,

Dropped 4/20: Root & Bone, Santina, Minetta Tavern, The Dutch


Note: Restaurants are listed geographically, south to north through Manhattan and north to south through Brooklyn.  This is an update of a map that was originally published in August 2015; hours and pricing info were updated.

Source: NYC eater
50 Awesome Late Night Restaurants In NYC