18 Outdoor Spots to Sip Cocktails in NYC

Get to them before it gets too damn hot

Outdoor season is a big deal for New York, when people get to enjoy a cherry-topped margarita on a patio surrounded by pre-war tenements. Before it gets too unbearable to be anywhere other than a walk-in fridge, New York can be a lovely place for cocktails outside.

Some of the patios on this map are small and intimate, while others are larger in scale and filled with picnic tables, and a lot of them have bistro lights. For a list of some of our favorite places to dine al fresco, visit this map.

If your favorite patio or outdoor bar is missing, let us know on in the comments below.

Note: restaurants are listed based on geography, starting with south to north in Manhattan

Source: NYC eater
18 Outdoor Spots to Sip Cocktails in NYC